Welcome back to our little corner of the world…

As you may or may not know, we have spent the better part of almost two weeks in website limbo.  After multiple frustrations and aggravations, I finally had to ask myself  ” what is the universe trying to tell me?”  And I have determined that the universe is trying to tell me to move my site and start over. That is what I have done and here we are.

This is very new to me, a blog/website all rolled into one, but with fingers crossed we are gonna give it a go! The down side to all of this is that due to the huge amount of work spent on what has amounted to having to create not one, but ultimately two new websites, I am behind.  I am behinder than behind and I apologize.  I am trying very hard to catch up and deliver the creativity and quality that you expect from a Laura Trovillion Photography product…it may just take a little longer.

Important stuff to knowWe have new summer hours. They are Monday thru Thursday 9 – Noon and 3 – 7 pm. As always if we are not there, we are most likely out shooting. If you need to reach us and we are not at the studio, you can call 217-239-1658 and leave a message!

3 responses to Welcome back to our little corner of the world…

  1. Angel Tipsword

    Hi Laura! The website looks wonderful! In addition to having a house full of beautiful pics you’ve taken of my little (and not so little) ones I always enjoy viewing your beautiful pics on the website! I love the added excerpts about your subjects! You are such a magnet for beautiful, unique and interesting people! Great work as always-keep it up!

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