2011 Blue Ridge Senior- “Unforgettable”

That is what Lindsay said when she left after her Senior portrait shoot. “You will never forget me or this shoot” and she is absolutely correct! Lindsay is from Blue Ridge, and is a member of the cheer squad, and life guards and teaches swimming lessons. It is her affinity for water that led us to proceed with her senior shoot in the rain!!  Sometimes it was merely drizzling, but other times it was really coming down! Thankfully I had Holden and a special guest, Cari to hold umbrellas and protect equipment! I love Lindsay’s photos,especially knowing the fun story that goes with them!

Senior girl

Art with Attitude

senior girl 2011

senior girl 2011

Senior Girl 2011

Senior girl 2011

senior girl 2011

One response to 2011 Blue Ridge Senior- “Unforgettable”

  1. MIke

    Thanks again for a great shoot. I know Lins was thrilled as well as I. Thanks again. MIKE

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