Baby pictures – Amelia at 3 months

Baby pictures are a wonderful study of facial expression in their truest form. They have not yet learned to smile for the camera, or to yell “cheese” over and over again. Conversely, they often express their feelings by screaming at the top of their lungs with displeasure at the strange woman with the black box pointed at them.  Amelia alternated between cooing and “talking” with her mom and expressing her displeasure with me.  I just love the range of expressions and emotions we captured during her 3 month portrait sitting!

3 month baby

baby blowing bubbles

baby with mom

funny baby faces

baby girl "talks" to mom

baby with big eyes

2 responses to Baby pictures – Amelia at 3 months

  1. snapdragons

    They’re FABULOUS. Amelia could use some cheering up, but the pictures are gorgeous!

  2. Fran Carrico

    Kat, look at her expression in the black and white picture! It’s you! When she looks like that, there is no Shannon in her 🙂

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