Portraits of a teenager- Maddie

Maddie’s “just because” shoot is a beautiful example of the joys and sorrows of being 13.  13 is rough to say the least, but I think 13 year old girls have it much rougher than boys. Still treated like a kid, wanting to be older, dealing with braces, its all just a jumble of  stuff. I think Miss Maddie has a pretty good handle on things; kid enough to swing and laugh at my contortions while trying to get the shot, and beautiful enough to be confident in front of the camera and a smile that is just amazing, braces and all!  I hope someday she can look back at these beautiful photos and thank her mom for thinking to capture this time in her life.

girl in trees

girl with white wall

black and white image of girl thru fencing

girl in grass with smile

girl in grass

girl against red wall

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