Beginnings – Elias is 6!

Elias is six and at the beginning of so many wonderful adventures and discoveries.  I love watching him grow and how his interests change from year to year.  This year his interests are Star Wars, football and baseball. I think its so cool that he will be able to look back someday and see himself as a beginner,  just figuring everything out for the first time.  We were in a small park close to home, and we were able to photograph him doing all of the things he is excited about.  And when we were done with the photos that he considered most important to him, we also photographed his little sister Leah and his family. As always, I am honored to be asked to tell the story of their family and how it changes from year to year!

Elias with light saber

Elias and his muscles

caught it!

leah upside-down

eli and leah

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