Exuberant Fisher Senior Pictures – Josie

x·u·ber·ant   1. Filled with or characterized by a lively energy and excitement.  This definition should have Josie’s picture right next to it!!! Josie is one of those people just make you want to smile, grin actually.  She is very sure of what she wants and what she likes, and she sparkles! ( Not the glitter kind of sparkle, the personality kind)  We started at my secret grafitti walls on the U of I campus, and then we moved on to Meadowbrook Park in southeast Urbana for its beautiful trees and prarie vistas.  While there we found this awesome shelter made out of branches with a very very cool garden bench beneath it! Finally Josie got to cool off in this beautiful little private pond where she dove and splashed and generally cooled off in grand style.

 2012 senior girl

2012 senior girl

2012 senior girl

2012 senior girl

2012 senior girl

20112 senior girl

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