Essence of Summer

Sometimes when I shoot  my goal is to trigger a happy memory. Something that makes you smile just remembering.  This essence of summer shoot was just that kind of shoot. Its July in the midwest: its hot, its sunny and its sticky. What do kids do in the summertime? They play in the water, get a little rowdy and eat popsicles. I love this shoot, because it is timeless and it makes me smile. I have memories of summer days just like this, and I know my kids do as well. Someday, hopefully, their kids will also discover the joy of  running thru the sprinkler and eating messy popsicles. Its what summertime is all about. I hope I have evoked similiar memories for you with this fun little shoot. Hopefully I made you smile!

 photo of ultimate trust


running jump




fun in the sprinkler


the look



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