Mother/daughter portraits – Caitlin and Melinda

OMG!!!! Caitlin is a quiet, laidback, pretty 16 year old. Her mom Melinda decided to surprise her with a mother/daughter contemporary portrait shoot at our studio.  And Caitlin came to life in front of my camera.  She became this self confident, graceful, gorgeous modelesque person that had been lurking beneath that shy shell. And mom did pretty well too! Their images of them together are a real treat, as you can see just how much they look alike! The first image you will see here is what is referred to as a beauty shot. Its pretty much all about the face and not alot of people can pull this one off, but Caitlin totally rocked it. That shot says it all! Hair and makeup by the talented and wonderful Stefani Smith.

Beauty shot of a beautiful 16 year oldContemporary portrait of a beautiful 16 year oldPortrait of a beautiful 16 year old girlContemporary portrait of a womanContemporary portrait of a womanmother-daughter portrait

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