Jerry and Vicky – a photo love story

I no longer photograph weddings.However,  Jerry and Vicky decided to get married at the courthouse, just them and close family. And then I got to photograph them… just them and their family, no cermony, no reception, just them being in love…..The day had been cold, windy and overcast, right up until half an hour before the shoot began, and then the sun came out and it was perfect! These two reminded me again of the parts of the wedding day that I miss….The expressions of love and bliss; the way she glows under his gaze and how he cannot keep his eyes off of her; the smiling until their faces hurt, not because they were posed, but because of sheer happiness. This is the beginning of their lovestory, may they live happily ever after! Vicky’s hair and makeup by Stefani Smith.informal bridal photographinformal bridal photogoofing aroundphotograph of a kissbw portrait of bride and groomphoto of their first dance"the dip" photographlovestory photographs

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