Why Glamour?

I have been asked several times over the course of the past few weeks…Why Glamour? The short answer is why not? The truth of the matter is that I want women to realize that they really are beautiful. No where in the definitiion of beauty does it mention age, size,  boobs or a perfect smile. If I can photograph a woman and provide her with images that she can look at and know that she is beautiful, then I feel like I have done something special for the world. Good karma if you will.( and I am a very strong believer in karma!)  As women, we have too many opportunities to compare ourselves to “beautiful people”  and it does really shitty things to our self-esteem. Every woman is beautiful. Period. Full stop, no qualifications. I don’t care if she’s 13, 30 or 75, she is beautiful and I would love the opportunity to photograph her and the people she loves. contemporary glamour portrait

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