5 women needed….Glam the Gown

call for modelsEvery little girl dreams of it. Every future bride spends days and weeks searching for the perfect wedding dress.  Then the day is over and it is relegated to the back of the closet or a box in the attic.


Break out that dress, cause we are gonna GLAM THE GOWN!  I need 5 women who want contemporary fashion photos of themselves and their wedding dresses. These are going to be the awesome, fun, glamorous shots you never got on your wedding day!

I am planning to introduce our “glam the gown” sessions later this summer and I am looking to build a portfolio. The first 5 women who contact me at tlaura@trovillionphoto.com will get vouchers for complimentary sessions and product. Session dates and times are limited, so contact me NOW!

( BTW this is my 25 year old wedding dress. No one to pass it on to, but I can’t give it up!)




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