…So goes the fairy Godmother in Cinderella, as she transforms Cinderella from scullery maid to princess. I think most of us wish, at one point or another, to be a princess or prince, for an hour or a day, just to be dressed up and fussed over and acknowledged as a person that is special…. In high school I was a geek, and a jock wannabe.( I wanted to be a jock, but the talent wasn’t there.) Then my senior year there was this whole thing with senior portraits. I was the oldest kid in my family and was clueless as to what to expect….what to do…..what to wear. And I hated every minute of it and don’t particularly care much for any of my senior pictures, which is saying something since it was over 25 years ago.

Fast forward to 2013, I am now the photographer, and in my head, I am each senior’s personal fairy Godmother….minus the wings.

In my world, and it is my world, cause its my studio….

Each senior sits down or skypes with me and we talk about what they want, and what mom wants from their senior photos. Where do they want to go, what is their favorite thing to do, how do they see themselves, what would be “cool”.  I                       plan and plot and brainstorm to get them the photos they wish for.

I am on Pinterest – I have boards with both clothing and photo ideas for guys and gals.

My sitting fee is all inclusive – hair/makeup, multiple clothing changes, studio, multiple locations, sportraits.  The transformation begins!

I will pose you – your hands, your feet, where to look, when to smirk, when to laugh – I will not leave you to “just do something”. It may feel weird, but  you will look natural and amazing


My pricing is ala carte – buy a lot or a few. Each image purchased includes the digital file and copyright release, a facebook file, and inclusion in an online gallery for distant relatives to order from.  I work with you to afford making your                        senior’s wish come true.

One of our specialties is the Sportrait – a photo that represents the senior athlete as more than a Letter Jacket. Guys and Gals, any sport or multiple sports, we create images that reflect the hours, victories, defeats, blood, sweat and tears.

I may be a geeky photographer, but I want to make wishes come true in pictures.

         To receive our 2014 Senior Magazine, email me at


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