Fisher Senior Girl in Chicago – Caitlin

When we began talking about where Caitlin wanted to go for her senior pictures, we tossed around some fun ideas….Then she came up with Chicago, downtown Chicago and so it was that we spent 6 hours walking around, getting lost and having a ball. I had a map, but after getting lost for the second time, we pretty much abandoned it and just found really cool spots to photograph in. I would say that Caitlin Rocked Chicago!! Hair and makeup by Sarah Kellems

And because she was so patient when I couldn’t get her sneak peek up on Friday, she gets to see two extra images!!!

Senior Girl in Grant ParkSenior Girl with painted storefrontSenior Girl in front of no parking signSenior girl on train stepsSenior girl portrait big windowSEnior girl in front of gold wallSenior girl behind waterfallSenior girl on Navy Pier

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