Going the way of the dinosaur!!!


So, have you noticed what is missing from your shiny, new tablet/phone/ipad/laptop-hybrid? Give up? The CD drive.

Why do you care?  Well, if you have had a portrait session or wedding photos and the photographer gave the images to you on a cd, you will have to jump through some hoops to enjoy them on your new electronic gadget or even your laptop.

USB drives, flash drives or thumb drives; call them what you want, these little storage devices are the the way of the future. And that future is now. However, just because you get images on a flash drive does not mean that you shouldn’t back them up. IF these images mean anything to you, its YOUR responsibility to make sure they are safe should you have a virus or hard drive failure. Even flash drives can become infected and fail.

What this all means for you is this…….If you are paying for photography, and are receiving image files, make sure you can enjoy them on your new tech toys…Insist on a flash drive.

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