Face it!

face sheets ,free makeup

After I go to the salon to get my gray hair hidden and trimmed up out of my eyes, my husband always compliments me on how nice my hair looks.So, I could run to the salon daily for a blowout..NOT….or learn to do it myself. So the next time, I made sure I pestered my awesome stylist to show me how to do this…..what brush he used; what product he used; how he held the brush; Everything. And now after daily practice, I come close, not perfect, but close enough that I feel pretty good about how my hair looks. And I realized that this was a huge thing for me to not just look good leaving the salon, but to be able to do this for myself. Headslap….….. We should be offering the same service with our complimentary makeup before a Senior Portrait Session….. And so now I a proud to announce..(trumpets and drum roll please….) Face sheets and complimentary makeup included with your Senior Portrait Session!!!!! Now you will have a “map” of where the stylist put each color on your face, AND you get to take home the eye palette, lip color and brush that she used for your session. Now how much fun is that?

Take care and stay warm!!!!

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