Three P’s to Better Senior Pictures!

Planning for better senior pictures

Everyone wants awesome Senior Pictures. To get awesome, there are three things you must do…Plan, Prepare and Participate! Today I am going to address the first P: Plan! With the wealth of online images and glossy magazines, this is probably the easiest part. Go to Pinterest(a link to my senior girls inspiration board is HERE), Google or your other favorite image search and type in Senior Pictures, Senior Portraits or Senior Poses. Start a folder on your desktop and whenever you see an image that you like, copy it to that folder. Even if its something that you found that isn’t a “senior” image. Other searches may be fashion, trends, sports,(Joel Grimes is a favorite of mine for his incredible sports photos) or whatever you are in to! The goal is to figure out what you like and what you want your senior pictures to look like.

What does your schedule look like? Are you into Fall Sports? Crazy busy with school, work, sports, looking at colleges, applying to colleges, applying for scholarships, hanging with friends and other activities? Then you should plan to have your Senior Session during the summer between your Junior and Senior year. I highly recommend having your senior pictures photographed during the summer so they are done and you can start your senior year with amazing images and one big thing checked off of your Senior Year To Do List!

Where do you want to go to have your photos taken? Is there someplace that has significant meaning to you? A family farm, the cabin where your family spends the summer, or someplace or thing that always reminds you of home. Maybe you don’t have any place special to you, but you know you would rather be photographed in the woods or near a lake, or maybe in a downtown urban area. All of these things get taken into consideration when selecting locations for your photos. Maybe its not a where, but a what. Where is secondary to including some THING in your photos. Your car that you rebuilt with your dad, your dogs that are like your babies, your guitar, your drums, the list goes on…What is your passion? It’s your story, TELL IT!

senior picture location examples

What to wear? Go back and look at your folder, there is probably a trend towards what you like and do not like. Are your images filled with soft dreamy flowy dresses, or vivid colorful clothes? Maybe your a fashion forward kind of gal and want to dress to the nines…..Look at the limitations set by your photographer on the number of clothing changes and then shoot for that number plus 2. Why bring 2 extra? Because you never know what might happen the day of a shoot or you just may not be “feeling it”. It happens. It is most important that the clothes  fit well and are something you are truly comfortable in. Your senior portrait session is not the time to “try out” a new look. However, you also don’t get to plead “I am only comfortable in sweats” either. (HERE is a link to my pinterest “what to wear” inspiration board to get you started) Figure on at least one very casual, one dressy casual, one dressy and one other look.( other being sports uniform, favorite prom dress, etc) I tell my seniors that shopping for new clothes isn’t required, but its usually a lot of fun!

Congratulations, you have completed Planning for your Senior Pictures! You have:

  • an idea of what you like in terms of style
  • when is going to be best for you and your schedule
  • where you want to go
  • what to wear

Stay tuned for the second P of Senior pictures – Preparation!

Take care and stay warm!!!

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