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Sport Pictures- Track – HOIC Conference

HOIC conference girls High Schol trackHOIC conference boys track

Most of these were taken at the HOIC High School Track and Field Conference meet in Gibson City. This was on a day better suited to a cozy fire and a cup of hot chocolate, but these gals and guys were out in the elements doing what they do….run, jump, throw.  Congrats to the Fisher High School Girls and Boys Track teams.

2011 Senior – Nick

Nick is a 2011 senior, in Virginia. Fortunately for me, he has alot of family here in Fisher IL and when the family made plans to spend part of their spring break here, they contacted me about shooting his senior pictures!He is one of those people who has a great serious face, the kind that is intense without looking mad. He does also have a great smile that his mom kept reminding him about. We lucked out in that the weather was merely drizzling instead of the predicted downpour and we could go out and about, shooting on location. We finished up in the studio, showing off his football jersey and the muscles that go with it!  

senior pictures

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Senior Portrait Raffle!

The Senior Portrait Giveaway at the Fisher Girls Regional Tournament Game on Monday, Feb 7 at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are $1.00 each. Proceeds will be donated to Fisher High School. Any High School Student or parents/grandparents of a high school student in the Central IL area are eligible for the prize drawing. The winner will be announced during the game and YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!!!

Go Bunnies! Go Bunnies! Go Bunnies! Go Bunnies! Go Bunnies

2011 Fisher Senior- Caleb

Caleb is a senior at Fisher High School.  He was really not into getting senior photos done, much less going anywhere other than the studio…Luckily he is really easy going and we lured him outdoors with the promise of fun in the salvage yard.  We got some really sweet shots outdoors and then came into the studio where we plugged his tunes into the stereo system and rocked the studio! His HDR portrait is a nod to his love of online gaming!

senior boy


2011 Fisher Senior- Laura

Laura’s senior sitting was such a fun mix of tomboy, girl next door and magazine ad model. She and her mom scouted a totally amazing sculpture garden in Meadowbrook Park, and then more great vistas and backgrounds at the U of I arboretum/idea garden. Then we were off to downtown Champaign, where we lost daylight, but found cool things to do with the various lights and signs and alleyways. Finally we ended up back in Fisher  for some laid back studio shots. All together it was a pretty awesome shoot of a pretty awesome girl!

senior girl 2010

senior girl 2010

senior girl 2010

senior girl 2010

senior girl 2010

2011 Blue Ridge Senior- “Unforgettable”

That is what Lindsay said when she left after her Senior portrait shoot. “You will never forget me or this shoot” and she is absolutely correct! Lindsay is from Blue Ridge, and is a member of the cheer squad, and life guards and teaches swimming lessons. It is her affinity for water that led us to proceed with her senior shoot in the rain!!  Sometimes it was merely drizzling, but other times it was really coming down! Thankfully I had Holden and a special guest, Cari to hold umbrellas and protect equipment! I love Lindsay’s photos,especially knowing the fun story that goes with them!

Senior girl

Art with Attitude

senior girl 2011

senior girl 2011

Senior Girl 2011

Senior girl 2011

senior girl 2011

2011 Fisher Senior- Cory

We took advantage of  the lack of students on the Uof I campus for Cory’s Senior Portrait shoot.  One definate advantage of  Summer over Fall for shooting. We had a blast hiking around and using the wonderful architecture and landscaping of the campus. Cory was an incredibly good sport and agreed to get a little lot wet, in front of a small audience no less!

senior boy 2011

senior boy 2011

senior guy 2011

senior guy 2011

senior guy 2011

senior guy 2011

2011 Fisher Senior- Rachel

We took Rachel to beautiful Allerton Park for her senior photos.  She had never been there before, but I just knew that we needed to go there and shoot her in her prom dress with the mansion as a backdrop, and the Foo Dog garden, and the maze, andthe awesome brick walls…..So many lovely places to shoot at Allerton! The sunset photos were shot at her grandparents pond and dock. I just love perfect sunsets!

2011 senior girl

2011 senior girl

2011 senior girl

2011 senior girl