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2014 seniors in Millenium Park

2014 Senior Pictures2014 Senior Pictures2014 Senior Photograph2014 Seniors


I had the pleasure of taking these three beautiful Class of 2014 Seniors to Downtown Chicago’s Millenium Park this week for a Senior Portrait Mini-Session. It is so inspiring to go somewhere that you have never photographed before. It was a great adventure for all of us, and hopefully I will get the opportunity to go back for a full senior session later this year. Special thanks to Kathy Browning for driving, and helping to make this trip awesome!

Monday morning discovery

Happy Monday Morning! Yeah, not usually this cheery this early in the day or week, but I discovered something that is just very, very, cool.  First you need to understand that I am a small town photographer. I mean a really small town, less than 2000 people, in the heart of the Midwest. I was reviewing my stats on my blog, (which is very cool that so many people actually read it) and I  clicked a wrong button….And I discovered that since basically March of this year, people from 86 countries have seen my blog. 86 countries…..Can you believe that? It just boggles my mind that people from literally around the world have stopped by my blog for a look. It gives me goosebumps! And that is why it is a Happy Monday Morning!!!

Mother daughter portraits- Chris and Amy

Amy contacted me way back in April about doing a mother-daughter photo shoot with her mom for Mother’s day….except with Amy and her husband graduating college and moving, it couldn’t happen till last week! Chris was totally surprised, and Amy showed us her girly side. It was a wonderful shoot with these two women! Hair and makeup by Sarah Kellems.

Contemporary Portrait of a beautiful woman

Contemporary Portrait of mother and daughter

Contemporary Portrait of a beautiful woman

Contemporary Portrait of a beautiful woman

Contemporary Portrait of a beautiful woman

Contemporary Portrait of mother and daughter

Who are you?- Kirsten

Portrait of a woman who loves children

In a contemporary portrait, is it enough to just portray a beautiful woman? Or should the portrait convey who she is besides beautiful? This image of Kirsten was part of a concept shoot to illustrate who she is. Personally I think we nailed it. I would love to hear opinions from others who know her. If we were to photograph you, who would you be?

Photography business cards- The best EVER!!!

I am not the kind of gal who gets really excited over business cards….until now!

Check out the coolest, most awesome business cards for a photographer ever……These are translucent plastic. Steve at was incredible. The customer service was above and beyond, the price was reasonable,  and they got here a day ahead of schedule….Steve and  just became my printer for life!!!!

My  awesome new photographer business cards fro