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Maddie – Fisher High School Class of 2015

Yay!!!! Another gorgeous senior girl to play with!! And the really cool part, is we were given permission to photograph IN the Urbana Free Library as part of her session. Now how cool is that? Played in downtown Urbana, taking advantage of the art deco marquee at the Cinema and the flapper dress, before heading for the U of I Idea Garden….Where it promptly proceeded to RAIN…ALOT…FOR A LONG TIME!!! But, we stuck it out, dashed out among the sprinkles and got some amazing shots with dramatic skies and flowers!

Senior Girl Portraits in library MS-16 MS-23 MS-32 MS-41 MS-52

Portaits of a kid- Hanna

I had the opportunity to photograph little Miss Hanna in a beautiful field of wild mustard on one of the few really pretty days we have had so far. I just love how the red of her dress pops with the yellow! And the pictures with her mom, I swear I can still hear the giggles!

Hanna in a field of mustard

And shes off and running!

Hanna and her mom in a field of wild mustard

but mom catches up!

hanna and her mom running thru field of mustard

and mom gives chase again!

picture of hanna in a field of mustard


To bring those of you not in the Central Illinois area up to speed, we have been in a two week cycle of daily/nightly thunderstorms. We are not talking just light shows with 10 drops of rain. We are talking gully washers. And heat…Needless to say, gardens are rampant, grass is green and weeds are succeeding in taking over my world. The wonderful part of all of this is the lushness of everything; flowers are bigger and more colorful, the greens are deep, deep green and if you squint just so, the weeds blend in and the gardens are worthy of photographs. And so I have….just a few.