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Baby photos – Aiden at 9 months

This is Aiden at 9 months at his grampa’s house! We played in the leaves (even tasted a few) and played with mom. Then grampa got his restoration project out of the garage for some very cool sittin on the engine photos. Someday maybe he will get to drive grampa’s special car! And finally, because his outfit was just too cute, a holiday themed set with a sleigh and a furry friend! Enjoy the gummy grins and beauty that is a nine month old!9 month old in the leavesphotos of a nine month old in the leavesphoto of a nine month old gummy grinphoto of a nine month old9 month old on a vintage car9 month holiday photo

Glam Maternity – Sarah K

Sarah is one of my incredibly talented hair and makeup stylists, who just happens to be expecting her second daughter!  When I had this idea for glam maternity shots, I think she realized I truly was crazy. But, I won her over and we did an absolutely amazing maternity photosession centered around feeling beautiful while expecting. We also included her darling daughter and hubby for a few fun photos as well!! Sarah, thank you so much, I hope you love these!

glam maternity photosglam maternity photographybw glam maternity portraitsglam maternity portraitskid photosfamily photo from a maternity portrait session


Farm Family Portraits – The Hansens

The fun thing about photographing families in the midwest is that you get to use really really BIG tractors as props! It was a hot, hot afternoon, but the sky was gorgeous blue and the tractor was clean and ready to go! Creating really fun, unique family portraits is something that I really love doing and I think these are some of my best!

Family portrait on a tractorfamily portrait with tractorFamily portrait with tractorsibling loveportrait of siblingsfarm family portraits, boy with dog

Baby makes Three!

I love photographing 6 month old babies; they sit up and have lots of expression and are just too cute for words. Hadley with her beautiful big eyes was no exception! She brought her mom and dad along, so we got some beautiful family photos and a couple of extras with dad. Since mom is gorgeous and all done up with her hair and makeup, we did some contemporary portraits of her as well! Such a fun family to work with! Hair and makeup by Sarah Kellems!

6 month baby pictures6 month baby pictures6 month baby portraitBeautiful Family PortraitBW father/daughter portraitContemporary portrait of a beautiful woman

Who are you?- Kirsten

Portrait of a woman who loves children

In a contemporary portrait, is it enough to just portray a beautiful woman? Or should the portrait convey who she is besides beautiful? This image of Kirsten was part of a concept shoot to illustrate who she is. Personally I think we nailed it. I would love to hear opinions from others who know her. If we were to photograph you, who would you be?

Contemporary portrait of a woman and her children

This mom went a step beyond what we have done thus far in that she wanted pictures with her daughter, but also her son.(much to his dismay) Boys and later Men, as a rule aren’t much into pictures, but I think this time we pulled it off. We got some abosolutely gorgeous shots of Tiffany, and then daughter Grace and son Landen. Then we put them all together and had a little fun! I hope she enjoys these images as much as I loved taking them! Hair and makeup by Stefani Smith.portrait of a beautiful womanPortrait of a womanPortrait of a young girlPortrait of a young boyportrait of a mother and daughterPortrait of mother and children


Laura Trovillion Photography rolls out a Cutting Edge NEW Product!!!

We have just taken image sharing in the Champaign-Urbana area to the next level! Now exclusively at Laura Trovillion Photography, you can get your favorite images from your Family, infant/child or Senior  Portrait Session as an album on your smartphone!!!  Share your awesome images from LTP with all of your friends and relatives, just by pulling out your phone! This  works on iphone/ipad and android phones and tablets!  Stand out from the crowd with Laura Trovillion Photography, where Awesome is just the Beginning!

Senior portrait album on your smartphone or tabletSlideshow image from a senior portrait  smartphone album smartphone album from an baby portrait sessionsmartphone album from infant sitting

Baby Photos – Aiden at one month!

Meet Aiden. This darling little guy is one month old and not in the least bit thrilled to be having his picture taken. So, we went to plan b which means mom becomes the baby poser and  gets her photo taken as well. Fortunately mom is just gorgeous, so we had beautiful mom, adorable but slightly crabby baby and some sweet  little outfits.  I had a blast!

portrait of mother and babyportait of baby bootsphoto of baby on red backgroundbaby photo nose to nose with mombaby hiding in mom' s shoulderbaby photo with mom

Fisher Kids and Babies – Jack is (almost) 1!

Jackson is one of those fun ” birthday at Christmas”  babies, so we took the liberty of photographing his birthday a little early this year! One year olds are always a great unknown when it comes to a photoshoot…Will they fuss? Will they cry? Will they heave cupcake across the room? Thankfully, Jack is a laid back kind of baby who was quite happy to play with the cars and rocking horse. It was a toss up  over eating the cupcake or the candle, but ultimately the cupcake won out!

photos of one year oldphoto of one year old baby boyone year old photoshootone year old photoshootone year old photoshootone year old pictures

Mahomet Baby pictures – Amelia is 6 months

Actually this portrait sitting was closer to 7 months, but they are still adorable! This age, when they are sitting and starting to babble, is such a hoot! We had the bonus of being able to photograph her in her Halloween costume. Isn’t she just too cute?  And I love how mom and dad totally focus on her in the family photo. Who wants to look at a silly old photographer when you can look at a beautiful baby girl?

baby pictures - 6 months

baby pictures - 6 months

baby pictures - six months

baby pictures - 6 months in halloween costume

baby pictures - 6 months

family pictures with baby

Family Pictures – The Holidays are Coming Sale

Laura Trovillion Photography is happy to announce our Family Holiday Picture Special!

 We are offering Family Photo Mini-sessions October 22 -23 and October 29-30.

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  We have a limited number of sessions available.  Hurry and call 217-239-1658 to reserve your Family Holiday Mini-Session.

ltp holiday cards

Champaign KId Pictures – Leah is 4!

Its so, so much fun to photograph children, especially when you have been doing so since they were born! This is Leah on the occasion of her Fourth Birthday!  She is so bright and active, she reminds me of a butterfly, flitting from person to person and place to place!  I just love the juxtaposition of the pink dress and the bare feet, especially as she swings her bat at the pinata!  Happy Birthday Leah! May your wishes come true!leah jumping

leah with balloon

leah and friend


leah and "the look"

Leah and her cake

Leah swings at the pinata

Fisher Kids Ava – 6 months!

Ava’s 6 month portraits were such a hoot! Her mom chose to have me shoot at their house as opposed to the studio, that way big sisters could go do their own thing while littlest sister was being photographed! But, in the way of big sisters, they chose to stay close and “help!” Fortunately, Ava thinks her big sisters are the best and very, very funny too!

6 month baby girl


baby girl in a pink tutubw baby girl


baby girl

Ava hanging in her crib!


laughing baby girl

Sisters are sssoooo funny!


baby girl in crib

Beginnings – Elias is 6!

Elias is six and at the beginning of so many wonderful adventures and discoveries.  I love watching him grow and how his interests change from year to year.  This year his interests are Star Wars, football and baseball. I think its so cool that he will be able to look back someday and see himself as a beginner,  just figuring everything out for the first time.  We were in a small park close to home, and we were able to photograph him doing all of the things he is excited about.  And when we were done with the photos that he considered most important to him, we also photographed his little sister Leah and his family. As always, I am honored to be asked to tell the story of their family and how it changes from year to year!

Elias with light saber

Elias and his muscles

caught it!

leah upside-down

eli and leah

Portraits of children- Miss B

Boots and hats…. I love them both and when you put them on an adorable baby girl, well, it doesn’t get much more fun! The third time was the charm for getting this portrait session shot, but it was so worth the wait.  Brooklyn is such a doll, and we just had a wonderful time seeing the world thru the eyes of an almost two year old. I think the story told in these images is honest and beautiful, and it doesn’t get any better than that!two year old in the garden

boots and hat

watching bubbles

brooklyn on the slede

beautiful little girl

black and white two year old

Kid pictures – So very sweet!

I just love shooting these darling little girls!  We went to Lake of the Woods Botanical Gardens so we would have lots of room to run with super girl capes, chase bubbles, watch fish and have a little picnic. I wish I had half the energy of the two older girls and Ava is such a little doll!  The love between these siblings is so obvious and so real…..I am constantly in awe.  Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think!  

kids 001

kids 002

kids 003


kids 004

kids 005

kids 007

Baby pictures – Amelia at 3 months

Baby pictures are a wonderful study of facial expression in their truest form. They have not yet learned to smile for the camera, or to yell “cheese” over and over again. Conversely, they often express their feelings by screaming at the top of their lungs with displeasure at the strange woman with the black box pointed at them.  Amelia alternated between cooing and “talking” with her mom and expressing her displeasure with me.  I just love the range of expressions and emotions we captured during her 3 month portrait sitting!

3 month baby

baby blowing bubbles

baby with mom

funny baby faces

baby girl "talks" to mom

baby with big eyes

Portaits of a kid- Hanna

I had the opportunity to photograph little Miss Hanna in a beautiful field of wild mustard on one of the few really pretty days we have had so far. I just love how the red of her dress pops with the yellow! And the pictures with her mom, I swear I can still hear the giggles!

Hanna in a field of mustard

And shes off and running!

Hanna and her mom in a field of wild mustard

but mom catches up!

hanna and her mom running thru field of mustard

and mom gives chase again!

picture of hanna in a field of mustard

Portraits of Children – Pretty in Pink!

Children’s portraits are always a big unknown. The children that were shy and quiet one day are outgoing and won’t sit still the next! These two little darlings were full of energy and oh so pretty in their little pink dresses! The upside is that being a kid myself, I usually manage to capture one or two special moments like these!

Custom keepsake tin

We are super excited about another new product that we are offering just in time for mother’s day…our new custom keepsake tin! This beautiful aluminum tin is just over 5×7 and perfect for storing keepsakes, pictures 5×7 and smaller or just looking pretty on your desk or dresser. These keepsake tins will be offered for the first time with our Mother’s day promotion, and will become part of our regualar product line in June. These keepsake boxes will be available for senior pictures, family portraits, kid’s photos, newborn/baby photos and special events such as prom or homecoming.

New at Laura Trovillion Photography…photopurse!

Now at Laura Trovillion Photography you can get your favorite senior, infant/toddler or family photo on a purse! Now, you can have something functional that is also uniquely yours! This first offering is a small purse, just big enough for a wallet, keys, phone and compact, but perfect for on the go. The flap, which is the purse image panel, is removeable, so it can be updated with you newest images. A larger messenger type bag will be arriving in the coming weeks and we will be sure to let you know when they get here! In honor of Mother’s Day, both bags will be on sale during the month of May! custom photopurse

Portraits of kids- Little Miss B

The wonderful thing about portraits of young children is the infinate expressions that are captured.  The look of wonder, the “I’m busy” look and the absolutely adorable angel look; While unique to each child, they are  recognized by mothers everywhere. Part of the joy of photographing children is remembering my own boys as small children, and more importantly, knowing that the portraits I make will capture forever these expressions for other moms to look back on and remember! Yet another reason why I love my job!

Portraits of children

New ltpsenior and ltpkids domains

We have made it easier to find us!!! Now you can get to your favorite senior, baby/kids and family photographer by entering one of our new addresses. or

either address will bring you here, where we are working hard to update and bring you more seniors, more newborns and kids and more families for your viewing pleasure!

Our navigation will be changing as well. Soon we will have separate tabs for newborn/kids and families as well as a new individuals tab!  Watch for our changes, its going to be an exciting time!

Photos of a one year old

One is such a fun birthday. Naomi was no exception. She modelled her little dress quite prettily before settling down with the cars and trucks to play. She was very enthusiastic about her birthday cupcake, and didn’t even share with mom. And then she was off to find other, more fun, things to do….

first birthday portrait

first birthday portrait

First birthday portrait

girls play with trucks too

first birthday portrait

first birthday portrait

first birthday portrait