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Something a little different!

I am pretty much a high school senior photographer. It’s kind of my thing. Having said that, there are always exceptions and challenges, and this last weekend was one of them! I was asked to photograph entries in the Lucky Foot Festival Car Show. And this is some of what I got!

Andie 2017 – Super Sneak Peek

This girl’s got game!!!Beautiful day, freezing temps and wicked cold wind, but Karma was with us!

Love love love her eyes!

Normally I only post one super sneak peek, but the moody black and white is just too great and I couldn’t decide between the two. Stay tuned til tomorrow when I post more from this awesome, (freezing, but awesome) spring break senior!

Sneak Peek – Madelyn 2017

2017 senior girl

2017 Senior Girl

2017 Senior Girl


2017 Senior Girl

2017 Senior Girl

It was a valiant effort to get Maddie’s senior photos taken before the storm hit Wednesday night, but raindrops were hitting the windshield as we pulled into Allerton Park and the skies grew more threatening. It rapidly became apparent that her senior portrait shoot wasn’t going to happen that evening. Phone calls were made, schedules juggled and we were able to regroup and reschedule for the next day. The universe made it up to us with a  day that is  everything you could want for a senior shoot; beautiful weather, gorgeous senior and almost no one else in the park. As you can see, it was totally worth all of the effort for these beautiful senior portraits. I can hardly wait for her to see the rest…..

Super Sneak Peek – Madelyn 2017

Senior Girl 2017

I had honestly begun to wonder if this shoot was going to happen, but evidently the third time is the charm. OMG what a wonderful shoot;. Perfect weather, almost no one else wandering through Allerton Park and a gorgeous, gorgeous senior. I love/hate it when they make it incredibly difficult to choose a favorite.( and I had to play eeni-meenie-minnie-mo as it was) Awesome hair and makeup by Sarah Kellems. Stay tuned over the weekend for more amazing photos of Maddie!

Super Sneak Peek – Johanna 2016


The beautiful senior was originally scheduled for a week ago today….Cold, wind and rain/snow caused us to rethink our plan. What a difference a week makes! I saw this blue wall a few weeks ago in downtown Urbana, and just knew that Johanna, a SJO senior, was going to look amazing with this as a backdrop. I love how it makes her beautiful blue eyes just POP! Special thanks to H2O Salon for hair and make up. Stay tuned til tomorrow for more photos of this gorgeous senior!

Super Sneak Peek – David 2016

Within every shoot, there is an image I fall in love with. It isn’t necessarily the best image, or even one that Mom will want to purchase. They are images that resonate with me as a person and an artist. They make me remember why I do this. This is that image.

2016 Senior guy with violin

Tune in again tomorrow to see more of this awesome Centennial Senior!





Welcome to 2016! It’s a new year and in the spirit of new, I have a new studio phone number! Our new toll-free number is 888-344-1920! I think I have all of the info updated on the website and will be finishing the updates on business cards, mailers and order forms in the next couple of days! Same awesome photography. Same convenient studio location. New phone number!!!

Sneak peek – Molly

2016 senior girl in rivier 2016 senior girl with fall colorbw senior girl senior girl in field Senior girl2016 senior girl in the woods

“It’s going to be cold. Are you sure?” I asked her. “Absolutely” she replied.  And into the river she went, cowgirl boots and all. Into the fields, into the woods and the river, with a few other stops as well. As I said in my previous post, Molly was game for just about anything. (although the water was her idea). Another awesome day with an Awesome Senior!

Super Sneak Peek – Molly

2016 senior girl

Molly has some serious game…And some serious patience. Usually I post the super sneak peek within 24 hours of the shoot. Due to the fact that I just today got my replacement computer and all of my software installed, she has had to wait four days. Yet she kept it together. No frantic emails, no texts. She knew she rocked it. And she’s right, she totally rocked it! Stay tuned for the 5 image regular sneak peek tomorrow and see what else she was up to during her amazing senior portrait session!!!! Oh and in case you were wondering, hair and makeup by the fabulous Tia Crom!

Super Sneak Peek – Gabe

2016 Fisher Senior Gabe, just wanted to get this over with quickly. Like a lot of senior guys, I am pretty sure he was getting senior photos just to make his mom happy. Two hours and 4 locations and clothing changes later, we took this last photo with his pride and joy. Turns out it wasn’t so bad after all! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s regular sneak peek for more awesomeness from Gabe’s senior sitting!

2016 Senior Guy - Gabe

Super Sneak Peek – Leighanne

This beautiful Urbana class of 2016 senior totally rocked her senior portrait session!!! She showed everything from attitude at the graffiti  wall to playful fun with bubbles in the idea garden. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, the breeze did incredible things with her hair, and we had an absolute blast. Check out her “attitude” shot below and be sure to check back Monday for more awesomeness!

2016 senior girl at graffiti wall

Sneak Peek – Daniel

I promised you fire…So I am showing you the hockey puck on fire shot, I am just not sure its completely finished yet. Still need to shoot inside the hockey rink and get some background stuff, as well as some way cool shots on the ice, but that’s for another day. This was a fun, fun shoot. Daniel was an easy guy to work with and I feel like we got some great expressions. We hit all of the fun points: Hockey, fire, graffiti and an awesome car! 2015-14_blog 2016 senior guy with graffiti 2016 senior guy in bw 2016 senior guy 2016 senior guy with car

2015 St. Thomas- More Senior – Vaishali

Spring seniors always make me nervous. I would love nothing more than to give them awesome outdoor photos, but the weather in the spring is far from co-operative. Often there is little more than leaden skies and muddy ground, hardly the beautiful background these seniors dream of. When Vaishali contacted me in late March wanting outdoor photos with a lot of “nature” I was very nervous. Stressed even. I was even more so after scouting locations and not a pretty location to be had. Plans B,C,D were forming in my head to give some resemblance of the pretty outdoor backgrounds she wanted. And then we had 3 or 4 days of beautiful warm weather, and all the stress was for naught. The grass greened up and the trees started blooming and the beautiful Vaishali got her beautiful backgrounds for her senior photos. Normally I show 5 images for a sneak peek, but the last was so much fun, I wanted to include it!

2015 senior girl

2015 Spring senior

2015 Spring senior portraits

2015 Spring senior girl

2015 Senior Girl

2015 Spring senior girl

2015 Urbana Senior – Corwin

What do you do, when waiting for the braces to come off backs you into a polar vortex in November? You play inside! We bopped around the U of I campus, looking for likely buildings with coolish backgrounds and good light! Knowing  that Corwin is planning to attend the U of I in Aerospace Engineering next year and has played violin in the Smith Music Hall, gave us a starting point of places that would be meaningful to him..  And because the braces are finally off,  there is a gorgeous smile to go with the dimples!

Urbana Senior guy cc-6 copy LTP-6 LTP-13 LTP-16 LTP-20

2015 Mahomet Senior – Allison

The cool thing about photos, especially senior photos this time of year, is that there is usually a back story, something that makes you look at the photos again and say “WOW”! The back story for Allison’s shoot is that it was cold. Not polarvortex-bomba-whatever cold, but mid-40’s with a brisk 20 mph wind, and I was cold in my parka and hat, so I know she was seriously freezing. And yet, other than difficulty smiling while her teeth were chattering and eyes watering from the cold, Allison stuck it out. We had blankets and made lots of trips to the car to warm up, but she’s got some serious game and we got some amazing shots in spite of the crappy weather! Keep checking back to see her swimming sportraits!!

mahomet senior girl AH-1-5 AH-1-6 AH-1-7 AH-1-8 AH-1-9


SJO Senior – Janssen

What do you do for a senior who lives and breathes football? You photograph him doing what he loves to do! We had a lot of fun, especially setting his gloves on fire, yes, those are real flames…..Pretty freakin dramatic! We did lure him away from the football field and weight room to a place called Glover Bridge where there was some cool stuff to play with and backgrounds to use and got a smile or two as well!

janssenwithflames js-11 js-23 js-37 js-43 js-61

SJO Senior Super Sneak Peek – Janssen

It was a real treat for me to photograph Janssen over the weekend. He is a fun, laid-back senior that was easy to work with ( or it could have been the mild concussion from the playoff game the day before) and it also gave me the opportunity to shoot in St. Joe, which is where I grew up. Its kinda weird seeing your old stomping grounds many, many years after the fact and realizing how much everything changes! Be sure to check back later this week for the full preview of his awesome senior photos!

2015 Senior Guy

Super Sneak Peek – Rachel

Okay, this one was hard…..There were 2 that I fell in love with immediately for completely different reasons. Ultimately the artist in me won out and this rendering of Rachel in a field with the beautiful sunlight is her super sneak peek. I know, I know, you can’t see her face, but the way the light falls and the wings… just gives me chills…the good kind! Check back Wednesday for the other favorites from this fun, fun shoot!

2015 senior girl

Tyler – Super sneak peek!

When given the choice, he chose the studio. When given the choice, he chose to bring his favorite band t shirts. “I like to do things differently!” And I totally respect that! This is my favorite shot of Tyler, towards the end of the shoot when his smile was natural and he was having fun! “This wasn’t so bad!” I take that as high praise. Check back Monday for the rest of his sneak peek images!senior boy

Alley – Super sneak peek!

It was probably the hottest day of the summer, but that didn’t stop Alley from totally owning her senior portrait shoot! This is one of my favorites with this gorgeous raspberry color dress and the breeze moving her hair.She has such an open natural smile, it makes you smile back without even thinking about it. Not very often I come home from a shoot and my face hurts from smiling so much!!!! So pop back early next week to see a selection of other beautiful images from her senior shoot!

senior girl photos