SJJO Senior Football Sportrait

How do I get a sportrait?

Sportraits take planning. To ensure the best sportraits, you need to:

Tell me at your complimentary planning session that you want a portrait and what sport we will photograph.

Let me know at our planning session if you want something set on fire, as I need to make special arrangements.

Make arrangements to have your complete uniform and all associated equipment.( bats, balls, headgear, etc

If there is a significant place that you want as a background, you will need to make arrangements for us to have access on the day of your senior portrait shoot.


Any Sport?

If its your passion, then we will find a way to make a sportrait! Whether is a high school sports team, or a club/ travel league, or something completely apart from high school. Your passion is our portrait!

2016 senior volleyball sportrait

How much extra does a sportrait cost?

There is no extra fee associated with creation of a sportrait. Just understand that this counts as an outfit, so if you have a limited number of outfits in your Senior Portrait Session, this counts as one of them!

Book it NOW!

Choose the Senior Portrait Session that you want to add your Senior Sports Portrait into. Call me at 888-344-1920. 

Have questions? Email me at

I only shoot a limited number of sessions each year, don’t miss out on your awesome Sports Portrait!

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