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Champaign KId Pictures – Leah is 4!

Its so, so much fun to photograph children, especially when you have been doing so since they were born! This is Leah on the occasion of her Fourth Birthday!  She is so bright and active, she reminds me of a butterfly, flitting from person to person and place to place!  I just love the juxtaposition of the pink dress and the bare feet, especially as she swings her bat at the pinata!  Happy Birthday Leah! May your wishes come true!leah jumping

leah with balloon

leah and friend


leah and "the look"

Leah and her cake

Leah swings at the pinata

Portrait of a young adult- Serena

This is Serena at 21. I love the idea of commemorating special birthdays with portraits. It creates a running dialogue in the story of your life. We had an amazing evening to shoot. It was on the warm side without being meltdown hot and there was just a touch of a breeze. We shot mostly around the U of I  campus, taking advantage of the students being gone. There are so many great places to shoot around the campus area. Serena was just amazing, and we had so much fun!!!

chain and eye

in the trees

serena in the leaves

Dancing in the sunset

vintage serena

Portrait of a girl and a guitar

2011 Senior – Nick

Nick is a 2011 senior, in Virginia. Fortunately for me, he has alot of family here in Fisher IL and when the family made plans to spend part of their spring break here, they contacted me about shooting his senior pictures!He is one of those people who has a great serious face, the kind that is intense without looking mad. He does also have a great smile that his mom kept reminding him about. We lucked out in that the weather was merely drizzling instead of the predicted downpour and we could go out and about, shooting on location. We finished up in the studio, showing off his football jersey and the muscles that go with it!  

senior pictures

Gettin into Metal!!

We are having lots of fun with our newest products in our product line. We are into METAL!

Customized photo wallet tins…..

new products

Accordian books in customized photo tins…


and last and certainly coolest are our exclusive METAL PRINTS! (shown here with our Sportrait Images)

With a high gloss coating these photos just really POP! And because they do not require a frame, we can offer them at a really great price for portrait or sports or both!

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2011 Blue Ridge Senior- “Unforgettable”

That is what Lindsay said when she left after her Senior portrait shoot. “You will never forget me or this shoot” and she is absolutely correct! Lindsay is from Blue Ridge, and is a member of the cheer squad, and life guards and teaches swimming lessons. It is her affinity for water that led us to proceed with her senior shoot in the rain!!  Sometimes it was merely drizzling, but other times it was really coming down! Thankfully I had Holden and a special guest, Cari to hold umbrellas and protect equipment! I love Lindsay’s photos,especially knowing the fun story that goes with them!

Senior girl

Art with Attitude

senior girl 2011

senior girl 2011

Senior Girl 2011

Senior girl 2011

senior girl 2011

2011 Fisher Senior- Cory

We took advantage of  the lack of students on the Uof I campus for Cory’s Senior Portrait shoot.  One definate advantage of  Summer over Fall for shooting. We had a blast hiking around and using the wonderful architecture and landscaping of the campus. Cory was an incredibly good sport and agreed to get a little lot wet, in front of a small audience no less!

senior boy 2011

senior boy 2011

senior guy 2011

senior guy 2011

senior guy 2011

senior guy 2011