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Non-Traditional Hair Color!

“Girl on Fire” – That was the theme of the photo session yesterday for the amazing H2O Salon in Downtown Urbana! Their unique approach to covering grey hair is why they are to be featured in a local magazine. As you can see, this isn’t your grandma’s hair coloring. Bold and colorful; wild and amazing; this hair color is like a beautiful canvas that you keep with you. Special thanks to stylist and colorist extrordinaire, Maggie, seen in the last photo with Erin, sporting her own cranberry colored hair!

No-traditional hair color Non-tradtional hair color non-traditional hair color Non-traditional hair color Non-traditional Hair color

And because I had a little down time…We included Kendal’s new headshots for the Salon’s webpage!

Salon Headshots Salon Headshots

Portraits of Women – Kirsten

Our portraits of women series include young women too! Can you imagine how much fun this would be getting hair/makeup and photos with your best girlfriends? Seriously though, Kirsten is a super sweet person and a beautiful young woman inside and out! Hair and Makeup by Sarah Kellems.

Contemporary portrait of a young womanPortrait of a young woman