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2013 Senior Pictures – Michelle

Michelle is a very pretty, kind of quiet Senior at Fisher High School. Due to the crappy weather, we were unable to do any location photography, but these photos aren’t about the surroundings, they are about the beautiful person in front of the camera. She has a great smile when I could coax it out of her. She was amazing and a pleasure to photograph. Hair and Makeup by the  awesome Sarah Kellems.

2013 senior girl photos 2013 senior girl pictures2013 senior girl pictures2013 BW senior girl pictures2013 Senior Pictures2013 senior pictures


Portraits of Women – Kirsten

Our portraits of women series include young women too! Can you imagine how much fun this would be getting hair/makeup and photos with your best girlfriends? Seriously though, Kirsten is a super sweet person and a beautiful young woman inside and out! Hair and Makeup by Sarah Kellems.

Contemporary portrait of a young womanPortrait of a young woman