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Super Sneak Peek – Johanna 2016


The beautiful senior was originally scheduled for a week ago today….Cold, wind and rain/snow caused us to rethink our plan. What a difference a week makes! I saw this blue wall a few weeks ago in downtown Urbana, and just knew that Johanna, a SJO senior, was going to look amazing with this as a backdrop. I love how it makes her beautiful blue eyes just POP! Special thanks to H2O Salon for hair and make up. Stay tuned til tomorrow for more photos of this gorgeous senior!

Super Sneak Peek – Leighanne

This beautiful Urbana class of 2016 senior totally rocked her senior portrait session!!! She showed everything from attitude at the graffiti  wall to playful fun with bubbles in the idea garden. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, the breeze did incredible things with her hair, and we had an absolute blast. Check out her “attitude” shot below and be sure to check back Monday for more awesomeness!

2016 senior girl at graffiti wall

Alley – Super sneak peek!

It was probably the hottest day of the summer, but that didn’t stop Alley from totally owning her senior portrait shoot! This is one of my favorites with this gorgeous raspberry color dress and the breeze moving her hair.She has such an open natural smile, it makes you smile back without even thinking about it. Not very often I come home from a shoot and my face hurts from smiling so much!!!! So pop back early next week to see a selection of other beautiful images from her senior shoot!

senior girl photos

Environmental Portraits – Flying Machine Coffee

environmental portrait FMC-2 FMC-4 FMC-6bw FMC-14 FMC-17

When something is said to have floral notes or a taste of blueberry, I think wine….However in this case it is coffee, more specifically a handcrafted coffee from Flying Machine Coffee. Sharing a space with Pizza M inside the storefront called Cafeteria and Co in downtown Urbana, this unique Coffeehouse is doing coffee like you have never seen before! Sure you can get a cuppa Joe, or a latte, but how about a Rosemary Mocha or specialty tea called Orange Blossom Special? And then there the special coffees…carefully weighed and measured to exact proportions for a totally awesome brew. A must stop place for any coffee or tea lover!

Environmental Portraits – The Urbana Butcher


Environmental Portait -chef/butcher

Meet Josh of the Urbana Butcher Shop on Main Street in Downtown Urbana. Josh knows good meat: Organic, free range and/or grass-fed as opposed to caged, antibiotic and hormone filled.  As a trained Chef, he creates interesting and unusual offerings such as house-made Saucisson Sec, Pancetta, Chorizo, Lardo and Headcheese. His training also extends to the details, crown roasts are frenched, loins are rolled and tied and everything is wrapped in the traditional white butchers paper and tied with twine.  I was fortunate to photograph the environmental portraits on a day they were cutting up a hog. Watching the process is a complete learning experience and Josh was great about explaining it to me as I was snapping away. If you are serious about food in the Champaign-Urbana Area, the Urbana Butcher Shop is a must go place!

2012 Senior Pictures – First official shoot!

Elyssa is my very first official senior shoot of the 2012 class. Elyssa was the brave one, the one who didn’t hang back to see what others would do. She didn’t waver on what to wear, where to go, when is perfect….She went first. First is gutsy and hard, especially when it is as hot as it has been here in Central Illinois,  but as you can see she sailed thru this senior portrait shoot beautifully.

Senior pictures class of 2012

senior pictures class of 2012

senior pictures class of 2012

senior pictures class of 2012

senior pictures class of 2012

fun senior pictures class of 2012