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Environmental Portrait – Tattoo Artist

Environmental portrait

There is no doubt that Ray Hughes Sr is an artist. It is just a matter of the medium and the materials. His tattoo studio, Vision World Tattoo in Urbana, is a 3D portfolio of his talents. He carved the dragon legs of his desk from wood given to him. He created the reception desk likewise from wood given to him and other recycled items. He built and painted the bench in the reception area. The walls are hung with his paintings and there are sketch books filled with ideas and drawings. All of this talent comes together each time he creates unique custom works of art on skin.


Environmental Portraits – Passion for Vacuum Tube Audio

vacuum tube audiophile

Meet Jonathan. Engineer at CERL from 9-5 and vacuum tube enthusiast 24/7! Driven for a love of high quality audio, Jonathan began exploring the world of vacuum tube audio equipment. Curiosity became a passion (and a tattoo!)  With his background in engineering and aided and abetted by Shannon Parks of Parks Audio, he now designs and builds his own vacuum tube audio equipment.