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Engagement photos – Barbara and John

I just love shooting engagement photos. It is so much fun to shoot two people in that wonderful so-much-in-love stage.  Barbara and John are no exception! We had a wonderful time in the overcast October weather at Lake of the Woods. Its hard not to take awesome photos with a gorgeous couple, beautiful light and a very cool motorcycle! 

Engagement photos

Engagement photos_reflection of love

Engagement photos_ motorcycle

Engagement photos in the fall

Fisher Family Portraits – The Hamiltons

I love shooting portraits of families with small children. You never know what to expect!  We had a lovely evening at the Lake of the Woods Botanical Gardens and 5 wonderful and 3 unpredictable subjects!  Every family is so unique, and I love it when I can get them all together like this first photo, as one big squishy, hugging unit. It says to me; “this is my family and we stick together. Us against the world”.  And then there are times where you have to work with what you have, which in this case was a 14 month old who was done being held…She wanted down, so we gave her down….and walking!  Every shoot has hilarious outtakes and this one in particular was just too funny! Our final image here is way outside any concept of traditional, but if you have ever had kids and a swingset, you can so totally relate and remember. I have said before, I want my photographs to tell stories, and I think the story titled Family has been told here well!

Family portraits

The Big Hug!

Family portraits

Family photos - Little miss independent

family portrait

...and we are walking......walking......walking!


Family portrait - three kids

Family portrait -  outtakes

session outtakes - a little moon!


non- tradtional family portraits

Just swingin!