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2011 Senior – Nick

Nick is a 2011 senior, in Virginia. Fortunately for me, he has alot of family here in Fisher IL and when the family made plans to spend part of their spring break here, they contacted me about shooting his senior pictures!He is one of those people who has a great serious face, the kind that is intense without looking mad. He does also have a great smile that his mom kept reminding him about. We lucked out in that the weather was merely drizzling instead of the predicted downpour and we could go out and about, shooting on location. We finished up in the studio, showing off his football jersey and the muscles that go with it!  

senior pictures

2011 Fisher Senior- Olivia

After being rained out the first time, we finally got Olivia down to campus for her shoot! It was sssooo much fun and she was game for anything. We did grunge, we did wooded scenic, we did architectural, we did grandeur, we did it all and had a blast doing it!

senior 2011

senior girl 2011

senior girl 2011

senior girl 2011