The photographer. The creative. The geek

“Oh….My…..Gawd……That’s really me!”

These are the words I live for.

I am Laura Trovillion, and I specialize in creating High School Senior Portraits. These are not just any portraits. These are uber amazing, highly creative and expressive images that I create with each senior that comes to me for portraits! Working with a senior to think/work outside of the box to create an awesome experience and even more awesome images is why I do what I do!

I am a geek at heart and a creative junkie. Answering the question “what would happen if….” has found outlets not only in my photography, but in my ever expanding gardens and my various experiments in the kitchen.

So, have a look at the galleries,  Email me! but don’t wait too long, because I spend so much time on each senior experience, I only photograph a limited number of sessions. If you prefer to talk to a real person, or really hate typing, give me a call at 888-344-1920 (toll free!).



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